Oracle Q4 results hide deeper customer concerns

So, the Oracle Q4 earnings report shows it has managed to defy analyst estimates and things are working out well with Sun after all.  The company has quickly ripped out the inefficiencies and cost duplication and is doing a good job of demonstrating its commitment to grow Sun’s software and hardware business.

However, Oracle is still yet to confirm the product roadmap, and the lack of certainty surrounding this crucial element is compounded by a continuing problem of enterprises not fully understanding their licensing estate.

A recent Rocela poll found that 80% of large blue chip companies still don’t have a high level of confidence in their license compliance position and in our day-to-day advisory engagements, we’ve also seen a reticence to commit to large multi-year Oracle investments.

Through understanding their Oracle estate, enterprises not only stand to save money but will be able to assume a more confident position in future negotiations. As a result, they’ll able to commit to better buying decisions.

As the market evens out post recession and Oracle’s roadmap becomes clear, we’re hoping to see an increase in customer confidence. In the meantime, end users should use this time to arm themselves with a more comprehensive understanding of their Oracle license position.


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