Rocela’s explosive H1 results and the future of optimising Oracle

by Linda Anderson

Now we generally try and keep this blog focussed on industry issues and wider concerns that we see among our customers. But on this occasion, we’re simply so proud of our performance that we can’t resist posting a quick note about this year’s H1 results and a big thank you to all our clients and partners for their part in this.

With revenues up 66 per cent to £23m on like-for-like trading, we’re blowing away our previous levels of growth. This demonstrates that some of the biggest businesses out there are not only increasing their focus on optimising their Oracle installations but taking serious steps toward it.

New partners

In the first half of 2010, we’ve proudly started working with Heriot Watt University and also signed a multi-million pound, four-year deal to manage the Oracle license estate of a major UK based retailer which we look forward to speaking about in more detail soon.

Oracle’s continued push towards market domination is another factor which has contributed to these results. With its 66th acquisition now complete, including Sun Microsystems, Oracle is a global powerhouse becoming increasingly important at the centre of the workplace.  And we’ll be with them and their clients every step of the way making sure businesses are using this vital resource in the most efficient and optimised manner.

What’s next?

Far from resting on our laurels, we’ll be focussing on investment in product development, performance management and innovative automated tools to deliver an even more exceptional service to our clients. In addition, the appointment of new board members like Paul Atkinson as Non-Executive Director and the promotion of Ian Smith to Executive Director only bolsters our ability to help our customers.

We look forward to the coming year and what it’ll bring for Rocela, Oracle and all our customers.


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