How mature is your software asset management methodology?

By Ian Price Head of LO Consulting


All companies generally run and measure their success based on intelligently defined processes and metrics set by people who are experts in their field. But some assets of the business prove more challenging to manage than others.

Take your Oracle estate for example. Yes, you can look at how much you’re spending on it each year (often with the resulting observation that it’s going up and up and up…), but how do you measure the minutia of its performance? Without attention to aspects such as relationship quality, license compliance and procurement best practice, it’s almost impossible to identify where inefficiencies might lie.

Enter Rocela’s, in-house developed, Maturity Assessment tool.  Using this tool in a recent client survey, we found almost 80 per cent of companies across a variety of industries have not reached an optimised Oracle license compliance level. What’s more, because the tool assesses businesses based on clear and meaningful criteria, we’ve been able to help clients pinpoint areas of Oracle compliance/ software asset management which require input and expert advice.

Some may consider compliance management an added expense in the role of software asset management, but the price of non compliance is far worse: It can include unbudgeted expenditure, unnecessary pressure on IT departments and reputational risk as well as disruption to core business activities. As a result, Rocela advises our clients and other organisations to be more cautious and vigilant than ever, not only about external vendor regulations but also about internal governance of their Oracle software estates.

So what can you do to address this area and drag your Oracle assets into a more mature state? We’ll be blogging about some of the details shortly but naturally, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to talk it through.


One Response to How mature is your software asset management methodology?

  1. Gerry Carey says:

    Excellent article and very valid statements. Software license compliance, whether it be Oracle, SAP, IBM, etc, requires time and effort but is a necessary step of good governance.

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