Why autodiscovery tools aren’t the whole story when solving your Oracle licensing issues

Nick Hayes on behalf of Rocela


For most enterprises, deploying an automated license discovery tool makes sense when the need arises to quickly uncover where software has been deployed.  This ability to gain quick access to accurate information can be especially valuable in situations such as reporting on the usage of an Oracle unlimited licensing agreement (ULA) or as a result of a request from the software vendor for a license review.

Knowing what’s on your network is the first step towards a software asset management (SAM) approach and enables you to make better procurement decisions based on accurate and up to date information.

But, while automated discovery tools allow IT departments and IT service providers to quickly gather accurate intelligence about the assets under their control, they may lack the ability to interpret the information and then accurately compare that to the license grants held. The real value-add is being able to understand what you are using, combined with your license entitlements, (what you have bought) and with correct interpretation, give an accurate picture of your compliance position.

As the UK’s leading Oracle Software Asset Management consultancy, Rocela is able to provide you with accurate and reliable advice and have the ability to:

o        interpret up to date data from autodiscovery tools for effective reporting on license compliance

o        help to keep the total cost of ownership under control and always accurately determine how much has been    invested in your licensing estate

o        increase your organisation’s control over its relationship with Oracle

It is clear that autodiscovery tools play an important role in establishing a software asset management process. However, through consulting with Rocela, we can help you interpret this data and then accurately plot the compliance position by analysing your license entitlements and contracts.  Through involving Rocela early in this process many organisations go on to enjoy cost savings from improved visibility into software usage whilst eliminating the risks associated with non-compliance.


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