Rocela takes first and second at Scottish Digital Technology Awards

It’s always great to have your efforts recognised by peers – and just as enjoyable to go along to the ceremony and enjoy the accolade. Luckily, at the recent Scottish Digital Technology Awards, we did both and took home two prestigious achievements in different categories.

The evening was also a good opportunity to look back at how we got there. We’ve put a lot of hard work into the business in the last year, across nearly every area – taking on new members of staff and tweaking processes already in place to a new threshold of quality. The judges seemed to understand and recognise these efforts, highlighting several areas throughout our business where they were particularly impressed, based on their judging criteria below:

  • Year on year sales growth
  • Investment in research and development – switching from selling services to selling products therefore increasing value to our clients
  • Design and execution of a channel marketing campaign enabling more of our clients to reduce Oracle costs

Chief of these, and understandably high up our own list of proud achievements is year on year sales growth. This is thanks to almost 100% client retention and increasing numbers of ‘word of mouth’ referrals during the same time period. This has been an outstanding year for our business in that respect and one I think will provide a springboard to future achievements.

It’s also a good time to thank all our staff, new and old, for their contribution to these achievements. It’s only by hiring and maintaining the calibre of staff we have that our continued success and that of our clients can continue.

So, this year “Outstanding Performance in Business Growth” and second place in “Scottish Digital Technology Company of the Year 2011” – next year who knows. We look forward to finding out together.


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