Virtualisation – The Reality, not the hype – An Introduction

by Tam Kyle, Senior License Consultant

In November last year, Rocela hosted a Roundtable on Virtualisation which discussed the challenges of virtualising and the ‘3 Vital Treatments’ to ensure business case ROI.

It was obvious from the peer to peer group discussion that organisations are giving Virtualisation serious consideration in an attempt to save cost and improve efficiency and are therefore, keen to side step some of the many challenges faced when virtualising their IT environments.

In this series of blog posts, we will discuss Virtualisation at a reasonably high level, covering elements such as;

• What Virtualisation means.
• Why organisations are keen to virtualise.
• Why Virtualisation projects go wrong.
• Some advise on avoiding the Virtualisation pitfalls.
• Licensing impacts, particularly with Oracle licensing.
• The 3 Vital Treatments for getting Virtualisation right!

At the end of the blog series, we will publish a 5 page Virtualisation publication written by Tam Kyle, Rocela Senior License Consultant, (which will be downloadable from our website) and will provide a full insight into the typical pitfalls of Virtualisation, some tips on how to avoid them and culminate on the ‘3 Vital Treatments’ to ensure business case ROI.

Part I, which will be published in a few days, will cover what Virtualisation is and why organisations are so keen to take advantage of this technology. Make sure you subscribe to receive notification of its publication.


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