CustomerCare Program

During our 10 year history of helping clients solve their Oracle problems, our aspirations and desires for success has driven considerable growth in revenues and our team – this is all good, however from time to time, we may have struggled to balance focus on client achievements with the pains of growth and success.

Many of our clients have supported Rocela since the beginning of our journey and may have witnessed some of our successes (and possibly, some of our failures). We may not always have done enough to share the journey with our clients or made it simple for them to offer feedback, air concerns or even explore new opportunities and ideas.

So as we enter a further phase of growth we want to ensure that our client intimacy and core values that have always been the platform of our success remain so into the future. Without client input, our innovation and growth will slow and our ability to serve will be eroded.

It is with this motivation in mind that we recently launched Phase I of our CustomerCare program. Over the summer, our Control and Professional Services Managed client base was introduced into this new program marked by the presentation of a small launch-pack, which also formally acknowledged our gratitude for their loyalty and support.

Phase I program aims are:

  • To acknowledge our managed services and ‘Control’ clients’ loyalty and business
  • To thank them for their continued support
  • To ensure that we continually provide excellent customer service through annual Customer Satisfaction surveys
  • To facilitate continual improvement for the services we provide

In Phase II (early 2013), we will extend the CustomerCare program to include our License and Professional Services Consultancy projects (where appropriate) to ensure that we continue to provide excellent customer service and value for money across all client engagements and service lines.

The output from the CustomerCare program is a fundamental part of how we assess our performance against client expectation and take soundings to improve services and support in 2013 and beyond.

If you have any questions on our CustomerCare program, please do not hesitate to contact


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