Part II – SAM for Oracle – discovery tools are only half the battle, maybe a quarter, even …

By Tam Kyle, Senior License Consultant

So, at the end of my previous post on discovery tools, we had reached the point where you were probably going blind on a very large spreadsheet only to discover that you are still no further forward in establishing your compliance position.  In this post, I’ll explain why.

Ask yourself, how can you know if you are compliant based on usage information only?  What about your entitlement – what are you actually legally allowed to use?

Where discovery tools fall short is knowing what you are entitled to, i.e. what it says in your contract with Oracle.  Ah! This sounds like a job for the Procurement Department.  If you are lucky, you have a central Procurement Department that buys everything from staplers to Datacenters and therefore, you are more likely to strike lucky with whoever is responsible for buying all of the company’s software.

If however, you have decentralized purchasing and have Oracle users around the world, where on earth do you start?  Let’s assume for one second that you have managed to obtain what the procurement department thinks is all the correct Oracle contracts for everything they have ever bought over the last 5 years.  Firstly, do you really have all the contracts and secondly, do you actually understand what the contract is telling you?  Have contracts been amended, have products been novated – can they even be used now?

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