What is the perfect IT Support Team?

By Steve Graham, Senior Principal Consultant

Rocela OLet’s imagine for a moment it’s a perfect world and in that perfect world you have a large team of fully trained Oracle specialists lovingly managing the day to day health of your IT infrastructure, all day, all night, all year round.  They never take holidays, are never ill, have the capability to cope with any problem thrown at them and seem very happy in their work environment.

However we all know that it’s not a perfect world and that the scenario above is not possible, without costing a small fortune.  Staff costs for a start would be astronomical, never mind all those expensive specialist training courses!  Keeping your whole team up to date on all the changes, particularly within the Oracle environment would cost an arm and a leg.  And what if someone from the team leaves?  How much will it cost you to find a new team member and then train them to the required level of expertise?

Cost issues aside, what about managing workload coverage – if half of your team is away on one of those expensive training courses again, who is going to resolve that pesky Oracle performance issue which is causing untold user frustration?  Let’s also not forget that from time to time, we all need a holiday or have to take personal or sick leave – what do you do if you find yourself completely under resourced due to a bout of flu during a major IT project?

So, let’s consider the alternative.  IT Managers understand these issues and plan accordingly by outsourcing parts (or all) of their IT support.  An organisation may be content to maintain their core team of IT support personnel, but when it comes to the really complex Oracle issues that can stretch the capabilities of any in-house team, or providing extra support during a project, specialist consultancies such as Rocela can provide the reassurance of expert support.

One such area is health check services, particularly within the Oracle environment.  There are many scenario’s that require specialist Oracle assistance from time to time: validating 3rd party project plans, consulting on how to get more from your Oracle applications, recommendations on Oracle patch levels & versions, and diagnosing and resolving unresponsiveness within your Oracle systems, are just a few.

So, the answer to the question “What is the perfect IT support team” is a healthy combination of your own core IT team supplemented by the expertise of an outside Oracle consultancy, and if your organisation relies heavily on Oracle, then the Oracle experts are Rocela.

Feel free to ask any questions on this topic – I would be happy to answer.

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