Control your Oracle licensing, Control your Oracle costs

As Oracle’s product portfolio has grown over the years, so has the challenge of how to manage and co-ordinate the resource that often lies at the heart of modern enterprises.

Even since Rocela was founded and started offering help with software asset management and Oracle licensing, these changes have been wide-ranging and show no sign of slowing.

As a result, we’re announcing the latest service offering from Rocela, which has been carefully developed with all these changes in mind – Rocela Control™.

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Rocela Control™ is the world’s most sophisticated service for cost saving and optimisation of Oracle licensing.  This service delivers;

  • Oracle cost management and control
  • Oracle license compliance optimisation
  • Reduced license complexity and risk

We think it’s a real step forward and think you’ll agree. To find out more, head to or get in touch.

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