Rocela is a great workplace!

It’s always satisfying to win awards for company performance or innovation – it’s very different (and much more gratifying) to receive an award recognising that we are a great workplace!

So when it was revealed that Rocela had won a ranking of 6th out of 10 finalists in this year’s ‘The Great Place to Work® Institute’ listing for Scotland’s Best Small Workplaces (in our first year of entry into the programme) we were especially flattered and excited.

The Great Place to Work® Institute UK is part of the world’s largest consultancy specialising in workplace assessment and enhancement. Every year Great Place to Work® surveys some 5,500 organisations around the world representing around 10 million employees. This gives them unrivalled insight into what makes an organisation’s employees tick and how leaders can improve their business performance by understanding and improving their workplace culture.

Martin Mutch, Rocela CEO said “I am delighted that Rocela, in its first year of entry into this programme, has been awarded with this ranking.  We are committed to providing a happy, healthy and supportive place for our employees to work and continually look to encourage knowledge sharing, innovation, staff development and ideas creation.  This way, with happy employees, we will always have happy customers.

“At Rocela, we empower our staff to create their own environment and it is rewarding to see how successful this is.

“This award truly recognises Rocela as great workplace, echoing the results of our own internal staff surveys and feedback and I am extremely proud of their achievement.”


Rocela values its values!

From before Rocela was born (circa 2001), fundamental values have been key to its evolution. In fact, the real trigger for Rocela was the jarring of cultures between Oracle and its largest clients and the tension that this created – a tension that Rocela would go on to soothe.

Although not realizing it at the time Rocela’s founders (Kenny Wilson and Martin Mutch) shared core personal values and attached significance to them in the boundary between personal and business lives. It is therefore no surprise that Rocela has always had a strong moral and cultural identity, and its core values have always been evident through behaviours, even when they were not specifically a focal point for development.

Over the past few years as we have grown, we have realised that scaling ‘appropriate’ behaviours and the Company culture would benefit from clarity of our values. After a full company workshop on values early 2011, we encouraged a staff workgroup to explore and define those values that our staff felt to be true of us, valued by us and important to mature and live by.

This workgroup proposed a set of core values that was fully recognised by founders and senior managers and was approved without iteration – a full description of what these values mean can be downloaded from here. Our values are:

• Customer Focus
• Expertise
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Passion

Since then, core values have been promoted visibly, and top down are used increasingly as a guide and input to any daily decision including hiring, customer situations, investment and withdrawal, and appraisals through our performance management methodology.

So now what? It’s all very well having the values on mugs and posters – how do we actually make them come to life? A question tackled by our CEO Martin Mutch in December last year who formed the ‘next generation’ values workgroup – a group of colleagues whose task it was to devise and propose a programme for ‘Employee Values Recognition’ for our Company meeting in February 2012.

This workgroup approached all staff to ask for stories that would exemplify the company values – not so much ‘awards’ but recognition of staff ‘living the values’. The response was tremendous – over 150 separate recognition stories from all around the business.

And so began the challenging task of narrowing this considerable list down to a manageable and representative record of individuals covering all 5 values. The entire exercise was no mean feat – the values workgroup worked a miracle in getting everything in place for the Company meeting and the individuals recognised were truly humbled as a result.

We will continue to focus on our values throughout 2012 – in the way that we work, make decisions and recognise the exemplary efforts of our co-workers.

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